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Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux

Although I'm nowhere close to an expert on Macs, I have had enough encounters with them in the business world that I know for a fact that (a) they are no more "easy to use" than Windows PC's and (b) they are no more reliable than PCs. Yes, there was a time when that wasn't the case and there was some merit to the ease-of-use and reliability arguments, but that time has long since past. Windows 2000/XP pretty much leveled the playing field on those issues. So in comparing Apples to Windows PC's, we're left with the facts that Windows PCs are:

1) cheaper to buy,
2) cheaper to upgrade,
3) cheaper to maintain, plus
4) they have a ton more software available for them as well as
5) having a lot more hardware upgrade options and choices.

The ONLY advantage that i can concede to Apple is the "coolness" factor -- Apple computers definitely look far more stylish and "cool" than anything you can find in the PC world. So I guess if you put a lot of weight on the "hip" factor, plus have money to burn, then it might make some sense to buy a Mac. But beyond that -- it just makes no sense whatsoever. A Windows PC is simply a better product choice, period.

All that said, though -- if for whatever reasons you are looking for an alternative to a Windows PC, why wouldn't you consider a Linux PC? That would seem to make far more sense than the Mac alternative. You get the advantages of cheaper hardware, more and easier hardware upgrades -- but without whatever it is you might not like about Windows. And after all, Mac OS X is really nothing more than BSD Unix, which in turn is pretty close to Linux. I have to believe that for most users there just isn't much difference at all between a Mac and a Linux PC.  So if one is really looking for alternatives to Windows, my suggestion would be something like Ubuntu Linux. It's easy to install, it has a Windows-like feel to it, and there's a plenty of software and support for it.

But still, all things considered, for the average user Windows still remains the only sensible choice. That's just good old reality these days.

June, 2008