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What's My Current IP Address

From time to time when using the Internet you may need to know what your currently assigned IP address is. For example, if you are using a video conferencing program, you might need to know your IP address so the people you are connecting with know what address to find you at. Typically you can get this information by running a utility program such as WINIPCFG (on Windows 9X) or IPCONFIG (for Windows 2000 and XP). However, if you are behind a router, those won't give you the info that you need. But not to worry -- we've designed a web page that will tell you what your currently assigned IP address is. Just click this address:


If this is something you need to quickly access from time to time, feel free to add this page to your bookmarks or favorites, so that whenever you need to see your current IP address, you can click directly to this page to find it!

Testing Your Connect Speed

One of the more widely debated aspects of the Internet is connect speed -- just how fast (or slow!) your connection to the Internet is. You've probably seen ads for various broadband services like cable and DSL that promise you speeds 20 times faster than your dialup connection. Well, those claims are highly subjective. Your actual speed depends on a lot of factors -- and that's why we developed the INETBENCH program for testing connect speeds. To read more about it and download it if you like, click here. For a variety of other online speed tests, click here.