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Yet another Internet clock synching program -- but one that is designed to run automatically with no user intervention at all.  Once you set it up, it's easy to add it to your scheduled tasks, or maybe put it in your Startup folder, so that your PC's clock is synchronized automatically as often as you like.  To read more, click here.
Internet benchmark program that tells you precisely just how fast (or slow!) your internet connection really is. Doesn't give you hyped up file-specific, location-specific speeds like so many of the online speed tests do, but rather actual measurements of how fast web pages are being downloaded for you.  To read more, click here.
Required application for every baseball nerd! This program generates customized scorecards for MLB games with starting lineups, current rosters for each team with detailed stats gathered from various web sites like FanGraphs.com and Baseball-Reference.com, along with profiles of the starting pitchers. For more info, click here.
Simple command line utility which can be used to send an email message. Good for batch files to automatically send email notifications of when processes have completed, what the completion status was, etc.  To read more, click here.
Simple utility to quickly assign a printer as your default.  But more importantly, can be set up as a one-click shortcut to switch the default printer -- good for batch files or scheduled tasks.  To read more, click here.
A simple program that provides a graphical user interface to the Microsoft UPTIME utility.  You can easily display uptime statistics for any computer on the network for any selected date range (requires Windows NT/2000/XP).  To read more, click here.
A very simple program that deletes everything out of your (1) Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder, (2) Windows temporary file folder, and (3) Firefox cache folder. It does this with one simple click, or even better, it can be set up to run unattended -- either via your Startup programs group folder or via your task scheduler -- ideal for cleaning up unnecessary files before you do a backup.  To read more, click here.

Although all these utility programs are freeware, if you find any of them useful and would like to say thanks and help with the maintenance and development of other similar utilities, any donation you would like to make would be very much appreciated!