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INETBENCH is an internet benchmark program that actually gives you practical, real-world measurements of exactly how fast -- or slow -- your internet connection really is.  Unlike other benchmark tests, INETBENCH downloads the actual HTML and graphics files for web sites that you specify.  Other tests basically end up telling you how fast you can download a particular file from a particular site at a particular point in time.  Although interesting, that hardly reflects what most of us spend the majority of our time doing on the internet.  What really matters is how fast web pages load -- and that's exactly what INETBENCH tells you! For more information on why INETBENCH is a better benchmark, click here.

In v1.7 of INETBENCH we've added a new tool to analyze the results of multiple INETBENCH runs. Each time you run the program and have the "Log Results" option on, a summary of the results is automatically recorded.  From the TOOLS menu you can then select an option that will summarize performance data, as shown in the screenshots below.  And there's also an "auto" command line option which allows you to run INETBENCH in "automated" mode, i.e, with no interaction needed on your part.  This option can be used to schedule INETBENCH runs via whatever scheduling software you like, so that you can set up an automated procedure for tracking the performance of your internet connection over time.

Download InetBench v1.80

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