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SCORECARD generates customized scorecards for MLB games with starting lineups, current rosters for each team with detailed stats gathered from various web sites like FanGraphs.com and Baseball-Reference.com, along with profiles of the starting pitchers.

Scorecard screenshot

You select the game date and the program will query MLB.COM for all scheduled games for that day. Then select the game for which you want to generate a scorecard, and the program will then query MLB.COM for the starting lineup and generate a customized scorecard for that game in Excel XLS format. Below are examples of the various outputs -- click on each image to see the actual output.

<< Note: You must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher installed in order to run SCORECARD. >>

Game Scorecard

The main output is a scorecard for each team with the lineup as posted at MLB.COM filled in, along with each player's current batting average and WAR. The scorecard is generated from an Excel template, so if you prefer a different format for your scorecards, you can easily customize the output (click image to enlarge).

Team Rosters

You also have the option of outputting a roster listing for each team, showing all active players for both teams, with all their current stats as queried from the leading baseball web sites like FanGraphs.com, Baseball-Reference.com, etc. Click on the image to see the output in actual size.

Pitchers Profiles

You can also output a profile of each starting pitcher, with all their current stats along with a list of the opposing hitters and what their career stats are against that pitcher. Click the image to enlarge the output.

Download Scorecard v1.3

Although all these utility programs are freeware, if you find any of them useful and would like to say thanks and help with the maintenance and development of other similar utilities, any donation you would like to make would be very much appreciated!