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TFCLEANUP is a very simple program that deletes everything out of your (1) Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder, (2) Windows temporary file folder, and (3) Firefox cache folder. It does this with one simple click, or even better, it can be set up to run unattended -- either via your Startup programs group folder or via your task scheduler. When run, it displays a window with statistics regarding how many files and bytes were deleted, pauses for a few seconds to allow you to see those numbers, and then automatically exits. That's all there is to it!
One handy use for TFCLEANUP is to schedule it immediately before you do a periodic backup. This will get rid of all the files that you really don't want backed up, thus keeping the size of the backup files to a minimum, plus it will make the backup run faster!
Default operation is to delete all Windows temp files and all Internet temp files for all users.  However, there are command line option which allow you to only delete one of those two types of temp files, as well as an option to delete only files for the currently logged in user.

Download TFCleanup v2.30

Although all these utility programs are freeware, if you find any of them useful and would like to say thanks and help with the maintenance and development of other similar utilities, any donation you would like to make would be very much appreciated!